Impressions from a northern beach walk



Foam-flecked, wind-swept,

White waves surging in.

Grey sky. Grey sea.

Cold wind assaulting ears.


Furrowed sand, wave-shaped.

Jumping dogs – tennis balls,

Seaweed wigs, paw prints.

Owner calls.


Broken sea birds:

Adult. Cormorant?

Upright. En garde. Shallow surf.

Snapping dogs.

Sharp teeth.

Flapping wings. Brutal beak.

No match.

“Fair game. Nature’s way.”


Stand back. Watch:

Desperate terror.

Heartburst. Death.


Then baby shore lark.

Fearless soft.  Green fluff,

Still cotton ball.

Lift away, leave sheltered.

Survive or die.


Walk on. God-like.

Nature behind.

Stuffy cafe. Sandwich. Hot tea.


Then home.


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